How to Win

The scholarship is awarded each spring to the eligible student with the highest cumulative GPA.

To be eligible for the Captain Keeton Chicken Money Scholarship, students must be enrolled at Delta State University, in the Commercial Aviation program, with a Flight Operations Major. If two or more eligible students have the same GPA and both qualify for the award (a tie), then the student with the highest number of credit hours will receive the award. To apply, speak with the Chairman of the Commercial Aviation Department.

Why is our scholarship based only on GPA? What about need, campus involvement, and other aspects of achievement? Those other aspects are admirable, but our program is focused on pure and simple academic performance. The selection criteria are completely objective- there are several other programs that consider a more subjective holistic evaluation of student performance, and our goal is to compliment those programs and fill a slightly different niche. Read more in the "Why Chickens" section.

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